What To Do With A Weekend Break You Can't Use

I Can't Use My Weekend Break & Can't Cancel It

This is a common problem that everyone will come across sometime in their life. Whether it is a broken heart or a broken leg that stops you from travelling and taking your weekend break not everything is something that will be covered when you try and cancel your trip. Even if you have cancellation insurance they don't always cover you and nowadays most trips are non-refundable anyways. Booking something that is non-refundable is the common option these days because it is much cheaper.
Am I Really Able To Sell My Weekend Break?

You can sell your weekend break by changing the names on your reservations. TransferTravel.com was set up for exactly this problem of not being able to get money back for your reservation. It was also not being able to cancel your trip all together.
Where Can I Sell My Weekend Break?

You can sell your weekend break on TransferTravel.com the #1 travel marketplace for buying and selling all kinds of travel plans that can no longer be used. TransferTravel.com was set up for people exactly like you!
How Do I Make My Money Back Selling My Weekend Break?

As a seller you can get your money back by selling your listing to someone else in the travel marketplace that is looking for a great deal. We usually suggest that you sell your listing for less than you paid so that you can offer the buyer a discount and it becomes appealing to them.
What Should I Include In My Advert?

You should add as many details as possible to your advert to sell your listing. The more information the better. In your title you should be adding different things depending on the category. From example for holidays you should add where the holiday is going, what hotel it is and the departing city. For hotels add where the hotel is located and then hotel name. For flights you should add the from destination and then the to location.
Can I Really Change The Names On My Reservation?

Most flights and almost all hotels let you change the name on your booking. Changing the name on your reservation is dependant on your exact booking. You will need to double check with your travel provider if you can and how much the transfer process will be when you are going to change the name of your booking.
How Does The Transfer Process Work?

When you sell a listing on TransferTravel.com you will be connected with the buyer and have 72 hours to:

  1. Get the details of the buyer

  2. Change the name on all documents for the buyer

  3. Upload the documents for your buyer

Once all of those things are completed then the buyer has 4 additional days to notify us that they are happy with the transfer. You will receive your funds when the buyer takes their trip unless the listing was a voucher.


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Posted 8 March 2018

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