Weird And Wonderful New Year's Eve Traditions Around The World

You have probably been asked the same question too many times by now: what are you doing for New Year's Eve?

If you are a bit sick and tired of doing the same every year, you might find this article quite inspiring.

New years eve is not just about gathering with your friends and drinking - too many - cocktails. Well, not for everyone anyway. It also comes with its lot of traditions around the world, some stranger than others.

From smashing plates on your neighbour's door to throwing furniture out of the window, we are taking you on a little tour of weird New Year's Eve traditions around the world.

Weird New Year's Eve tradition #1: smashing plates in Denmark

When it comes to celebrating the new year, the Danes have their very own way of wishing all the best to their loved ones.

How? By smashing plates on their front door of course.

According to tradition, it brings good luck. The more smashed plates you get, the more luck... it's also a good way to measure your popularity.

Not sure your own friends would enjoy cleaning the mess the day after, though.

Weird New Year's Eve tradition #2: Throwing Furniture In South Africa

If you are spending New year's eve in Cape town, you better look up when walking in the streets!

It is tradition to start the new year afresh by throwing out your old furniture... out of the window that means.

Weird New Year's Eve tradition #3: Graveyard Party In Chile

In a local town of Chile, Talca, it is tradition to spend the new year with your dead beloved ones.

Each year, after the late mess, the gates to the cemetery open up and people gather around the tombs of their loved ones, with candles.

Weird New Year's Eve tradition #4: Swimming In The Sea, Around The World

From France to the Nordic countries, from the Netherlands to Wales, swimming in cold water is a tradition to start the new year.

Whether it is done for charity, for health benefits or just for fun, everyone is welcome to slip in a swimsuit and join the party, for as long as you can bear it.

Would you jump in?

Weird New Year's Eve tradition #5: Suitcase Walk In Ecuador

Grab your empty suitcase and take it out for a walk on New years eve! No, we haven't gone bonkers. It is an Ecuadorian tradition!

Walking around with an empty suitcase, dreaming about a holiday, could just do the trick to make that holiday happen.

It is worth a try, isn't it?

Weird New Year's Eve tradition #6: Eating Grapes In Spain

If you like grapes, you are in for a treat with this Spanish tradition.

The last minute of New year's eve should be spent with 12 grapes in your mouth. One grape for each chime of the clock at midnight, and for each wish you make...


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Posted 24 November 2017

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