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Weird & Wonderful Things To Do | Discover Bangkok

It really is heaven on earth…

I have found THE most magical place to visit, first you need to jump on the next flight to Bangkok.

Fancy being the ultimate big kid for a day, or two (depends on how often you want to visit this place)…

Let me introduce you to, a unicorn-themed cafe (yep, you did read that sentence correctly)

Unicorn Cafe can be found in the Bang Rak district of the city. It’s not on the main street and a little out of the way, but well worth a visit!

If you are in need of a massive dose of pastel colours, huge amounts of rainbows, pink, pink and more pink then please form an orderly queue behind the rest of the adults keen to be 6 years old again! I am serious when I say that every single square inch of the cafe’s interior has been decorated with either a unicorn horn or a galaxy.

Once you arrive in this magical mess of glitter, sparkles and soft toys, you can sit down to some amazing food – all unicorn inspired [of course]

On the menu you can find almost anything that will keep you jumping around for HOURS.

> Cotton candy sodas

> Waffles

> Pancakes

> Galaxy frappes

> Ice cream and MORE ice cream

> Crepe cakes

> Multi coloured spaghetti

Plus anything else that has a massive amount of sugar content. I’m not going to lie this place IS my childhood dream and it’s definitely not for the faint hearted.

… *internal thought* I keep thinking about the scene when Buddy from the movie Elf coats a pile of spaghetti with syrup, he would probably pee is pants if he visited this place.

Most reviews on the cafe advise that you will be sat in both disbelief and excitement whilst you wait for your 1 litre of chocolate milk to be served to you in a star shaped glass. You can even try a unicorn costume on during your visit, why not!

Tacky, check! Sickly, check! Childish, check!

I’m already boarding the flight to Bangkok as I type this sentence. See you there?

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