Weird & Wonderful Things To Do In Las Vegas

It's no secret that Las Vegas is one of the party capitals of the world, with its 24 hour casinos, lavish pool parties and skyscraper hotels giving its guests the time of their lives night after night. Vegas isn't just all about its vibrant night life and extraordinary buildings though, as our list of weird and wonderful activities shows, and we've found some very alternative things to do down in Sin City...

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Zip Wire Over Colourful Fremont Street

In downtown Vegas, away from the main strip with all its dazzling lights and its mega hotels you'll find the fabulous Fremont Street, which is equally as crazy and full of just as much bling. There's the usual array of bars, restaurants and enormous casinos to choose from, but Fremont Street takes things to a whole new level with its neon bright ceilings and it's very own zip wire meaning you can literally fly above Sin City and admire everything from way up high!

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Watch The Cirque du Soleil At The Bellagio Hotel

The Cirque du Soleil is one of the most famous shows in the world, and is seen by millions of audience members year after year. Starting in Quebec in 1984, the acrobatic circus phenomenon has become a global sensation and is one of the top bucket list items to tick off during any visit to Sin City. With different shows taking place every night of the week, the hardest decision you'll make is choosing which one to go to!

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Take A Gondola Ride Around The Venetian Hotel

You're not in Venice, but you are inside the Venetian Hotel and that's got to be the next best thing, right? St Mark's Square, the Campanile and the Rialto Bridge are all at the heart of this iconic hotel, as well as tonnes of designer boutiques bringing true Italian fever to Vegas. You can even take a gondola ride and float along the canals making it feel as though you're really there. Romantic serenade for two, anyone?

Star An An Actual Zombie Apocalypse for your very own Armageddon

Only in Vegas could you take the lead role in your very own zombie apocalypse and live to tell the tale. Adventure Combat Ops have been rated on Trip Advisor as one of the top games events in the entire city and offer a fun filled day out for adults and kids over the age of 14. This live action attraction immerses you into a call of duty style arena and is an absolute must for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies alike. Kill the zombies and save the world right here in fabulous Las Vegas!

These are just a few of the weird and wonderful things to do in Vegas, but we know there are many more crazy activities just waiting to be discovered in this unique city... Viva Las Vegas!

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Posted 16 November 2017

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