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Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Victoria, BC with a couple girl friends. It was full of wine, cute clothes, good food, and of course a fancy spa day. You know, the usual.

On paper our weekend was straight from an episode of Sex and The City, minus the sex. However, behind all the cute Snapchat selfies, and perfect bistro flat lays there were definitely some moments that didn’t make it onto our Facebook statuses. What happens on a girl’s weekend? I’m here to spill ( just like the wine that made it onto the hotel duvet after I was capturing myself drinking in bed).


8 Things That Really Happens ONn

1. You obsess over the perfect angle for your food and by the time you’ve got it the food is ICE cold. Then you send it back anyways… shhhh

2. After landing you realize you defs didn’t pack for the weather and are forced to head to a department store and buy expensive rubber boots that you’ll NEVER wear again.

3. At a local winery you pretend you to know way more than you actually do and feign interest in things like floral notes.

4. You get a blowout simply so you don’t have to wash your own hair and pack shampoo.

5. From Day 1 you designate a trip “make-up artist”, “hair stylist”, and “photographer” position for each friend.

6. Conversation may turn to the significant others in your life, and it will usually be a whole lotta complaining, but you still Snapchat them on the DL.

7. By day 2 you can’t handle any more liquor, and just want to drink green smoothies all day until your body forgets what you’ve put it through.

8. The last night together is spent rockin’ hotel robes, make-up less faces, and you are in bed by 10 pm.

By Liz from The Tongue In Chic

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Posted 8 November 2016

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