What To Do With A Villa Reservation You Can No Longer Use

We totally understand when you can no longer use your villa reservation, you might not know what to do and find yourself left panicking at the last minute. Whatever comes up in life, you almost never see it coming. Whether it's work commitments or something else that happens to prevent you from going, it's almost always unforeseen.

Most hotels and villa's booked nowadays are non-refundable.  It is usually the cheaper option and you almost never think something is going to happen to prevent you from going. However, most hotels and villa's will actually let you change the name on your booking. This means that you can sell your listing, change the name and get money back on your travel plans.

Can I Really Sell My Villa Reservation To Someone Else?

Most of the time, yes but we always suggest that you double check with your hotel and villa that you can in fact change the name. Almost 80% of bookings are transferrable, so you don't need to lose out on your booking. Just simply contact your travel provider and ask them about their name change policy or look online on their website.

Where Can I Sell My Villa Reservation?

You can sell your transferable villa reservation in the travel marketplace on TransferTravel.com. TransferTravel gives people the opportunity to sell on all their unwanted travel plans that they can't use.

Will I Make My Money Back Selling My Unwanted Villa Reservation?

How much money you make back is dependant on how much you want to sell your reservation for. We always suggest that you give a discount of some kind to entice buyers. With villa reservations you probably won't be needing to pay a name change fee.

What Details Do I Need To Add To My Listing?

The more details the better for your villa reservation and listing on TransferTravel. You should add details such as title and description, when you are travelling, what time and to where. We ask for your booking confirmation to confirm your booking but we keep it private and only for our purposes.

When Should I Transfer All The Details Of My Unwanted Villa Reservation?

Once you sell your villa reservation you will have 72 hours to transfer the listing. You will be connected with the buyer in a new message and this is where you can ask for all their details to make the name change possible. Once you have their details, make the name change and upload a new document for the buyer. That's it!


Posted 28 May 2018

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