What Your Sunglasses Tell You About Your Dream Holiday

In this blog we are covering what your favourite pair of sunnies tells us about your dream holiday. Whether you have large "Jackie O" frames or heart shaped ones we can tell you where your dream holiday would be.

Aviators - “I Know What I Like”

Aviators are legendary and classic. Wearing these means that you know what you like. This style has been around forever and isn’t going anywhere. If you have Aviators you know what you like and aren’t afraid to go to the same restaurant every weekend. Your dream holiday is somewhere classic like Hawaii, Mexico or Spain. You relish in the thought of lounging on a beach with a drink that has a plastic umbrella and dipping in the pool. You might have even been to the same resort and couldn’t wait to go back.


Round Frames Sourced From A Flea Market - “I Create An Instagram Story Everyday”

These round frames tell us that you’re a 21 century person with the newest IOS and VSCO cam presets. You’re all about getting the perfect gram and you’re not ashamed. You found these sunglasses at your local charity shop for a pound are are proud of it. These shades tell us that your dream holiday is a city break in a fun European city. Somewhere like Amsterdam, Lisbon or Rome please. You dream of cafes with vegan options and restaurants that serve real fruit infused mimosas with brunch. Walking around these European cities in your sunnies gives you plenty of opportunities to capture the perfect instagram story and use a new location tag on snapchat.


Plastic + Big - “Don’t Look At Me, But Please Look At Me”

These sunglasses were made famous by Jackie O and Victoria Beckham. Besides hiding your face behind these oversized frames they give those who are wearing them a well deserved break from making eye contact, smiling or generally looking and acting “awake”. You can look chic and mysterious while simultaneously nursing a delicate hangover from drinking dirty martinis the night before. These sunglasses tell us that your dream holiday is somewhere like Las Vegas or Paris where you can have fun into the night and engage in chic activities the next day. In vegas you can lounge around the pool and in Paris you can go shopping on the Champs D'Elysee. Head to the spa and for long lunches with these frames on.


Hearts Shapes, Flowers and Bumble Bees - “IDGAF”

If these are your go to sunglasses you are whimsical and carefree and someone who has a “IDGAF” attitude. This is at least what you would like to portray. You may have bought these sunnies at a local thrift store while out with your friends after an epic brunch. These sunnies tell us that your dream holiday is a week long festival enjoying your favourite bands with friends. You enjoy frolicking in fields in either barefeet or wellies and camping under the stars.


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Posted 27 June 2018

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