What's New? Sell Your Festival Tickets & Accommodation Together!

What's New In The TransferTravel.com Marketplace?

This past year has seen lots of changes at TransferTravel.com as a platform for buying and selling second hand travel tickets. The latest change is that we are accommodating for selling festival tickets along with accommodation at the event. We all know that festivals are usually bought between groups of friends months or a year in advance. This means that whatever happens in that year could possibly make it impossible for someone to attend the festival that they were looking forward to. Because festival tickets and accommodation are usually bought together, we have provided you with the solution to sell both together.

How Do I Create A Festival Listing?

In our new category titled "festival tickets" you can add festival name, festival location, dates and times of the festival. If you have booked camping then you can add your accommodation to our camping category. We also have a hotel and Airbnb category to accommodate for all types of bookings.

What Happens When Someone Buys My Listing?

Selling and buying is easy with our 7 day buyers guarantee. Creating a listing requires that you add all information about your booking and ticket and then adding pricing details. Once your listing has been created it will be approved by our digital team and become live on the site for potential buyers. Once a buyer finds your listing they can buy it using the secure payment platform PayPal. Once bought you have 72 hours to transfer all details to them. They have 7 days to confirm that they are happy with the transfer. If either party does not indicate that they are happy or satisfied with the transfer the transaction does not go ahead. We hold payment until the trip or ticket is used and then the money is released to the seller.

We are excited that we can offer this new feature for our platform. Please let us know if you have any questions and our customer service team will be happy to help!




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Posted 13 September 2017

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