What's New In The Travel Marketplace?

Everyday new listings come into the travel marketplace that are stunning! The most exciting thing is, we never know what is going to show up. Will it be a family disney cruise or a cottage stay in lake Tahoe? Will it be a long haul flight from London to Australia that is 50% off or an all inclusive trip to the Amalfi Coast in Italy that leaves in two weeks? If you want to find something exciting and new just keep checking on TransferTravel. We have rounded up some of the most show stopping places that we want you to see that have just come into the the travel marketplace in the last few days...

The Grand Hotel Bali Nusa Dua, $400 2 people, March 24 - March 31

Hi Chi Mihn City to London Heathrow, £300 1 person, September 10th

Italy: Hotel Gerber €300 1 person, Sept. 24th - Sept. 28th

New York - Nice Flight $600 1 Person Sept. 11th

Los Angeles - Stockholm x2 Tickets $350 1 Person Sept. 16th





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Posted 29 August 2017

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