What To Do When You’re Stuck With A Villa Booking You Can’t Use

Have you booked a non-refundable villa that you can no longer use? Don’t lose out…sell the booking to someone else looking for a great deal.

What Do I Do With My Villa Booking I Can't Use?

If you can't use a villa booking and have booked the non-refundable option then you might think that you have lost out. If you can't use your villa booking not all is lost! Did you know that most hotel and villa bookings are transferrable in name? This is great news and exactly why TransferTravel was started.

Can I Really Sell My Villa Booking That I Can't Use?

Firstly you will have to check that your booking is transferrable in name. Once you know that you can easily change the name on the booking then you can list and sell your booking. You can do this by contacting your travel provider and simply asking them what their policy is for name changes on your specific booking.

Where Can I Sell My Villa Booking?

You can sell your transferrable villa booking on TransferTravel the #1 travel marketplace. TransferTravel was created for this exact reason and is the #1 places people come to buy and sell travel plans that they can no longer use.

What Should I Include In My Ad To Sell My Villa Booking?

In your Ad on TransferTravel.com you should include all relevant details of your travel including the dates and times of check ins and check outs. You should include a descriptive title and details of the villa like if it includes a kitchen or not. You must also include the price of what you are selling the villa booking for and what it cost to start with.

Are There Are Any Name Changes For Selling & Transferring A Villa Booking?

There are usually no name change fees when transferring a name on a booking with the hotel or villa operator. TransferTravel takes a 15% administrative fee when here is a sale. Otherwise it's totally free to list on TransferTravel.

Doing this is simple and easy with TransferTravel.com the dedicated platform for buying and selling all types of second hand travel plans just like you would with a car or a handbag.




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Posted 24 April 2018

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