About Us

Our Vision: To turn wasted travel to destination wish lists & cancelled trips to cash all over the world

TransferTravel.com is an international, trusted, peer to peer marketplace that allows people to list their unwanted travel to a community of buyers looking for last minute options.

Did you know: In 2012, the BBC reported that £10 billion is wasted every year on the unused and pre-paid hotel rooms and further £7 billion on unused seats on flights.

Flights to be changed to a different passenger? A cruise that you need to postpone? Last minute camping trips? Urgent train tickets needed? Bookings to be transferred?

Whether you love the outdoors, city breaks, staycations, or luxury hotels ... our community posts a variety of cancelled tickets to our ever growing marketplace from all over the world.

We have formed a connection between those looking to purchase pre-planned journeys and helping others that are unable to commit to booked tickets. For every wasted holiday is a dream destination and for every cancelled vacation is a transferred travel opportunity. "TransferTravel.com turns cancellations into opportunities." - Founder, Simon Powell.

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