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Frequently Asked Questions

For Seller


A. Yes you can transfer your travel plans to another person. There is usually a small fee associated with this change. Check with your travel provider to ask what the name change fee would be on your booking. This is usually between £30 to £120 per person depending on the travel provider.



A. No, the site is a completely free to use.



A. We recommend that you supply as much information as possible. A buyer will be interested if you can supply full booking details to validate your item for sale. The more information you can supply along with images of any booking correspondence and provider such as the airline, hotel and holiday company it was booked through.



A. We recommend you protect yourself as much as possible. If you are selling the item online, we suggest you use your own bank to receive the money before releasing the travel details. Also using trusted payment methods such as PayPal is a safe way to receive money. does not take any responsibility for items released and not paid for.


For Buyer


A. Every booking that has been made and will be for sale will come with a booking reference or booking confirmation. We recommend that you send a small amount of money, for example the name change fee associated with changing the booking to the seller. Once they receive this they can send you a booking confirmation number. Once you have the booking confirmation number we recommend you do your research to quantify the booking that is being offered for sale is genuine and then proceed with final payments.



A. We recommend protecting yourself and the Seller. You can do this by using your own online secure banking methods along with trusted electronic payment providers such as PayPal.

If you want to meet in person for a cash purchase, and then make sure you have let someone know where you are going to meet the seller and if you can do this in a public place that would be advisable.



A. When agreeing to buy the travel, make sure you do all your research first. Make sure you have the seller confirm the costs involved in changing the booking to another person, and then check with the provider on their website that this is correct. Also check if the name change fee or the booking transfer is included in the sale price or if this is an additional cost to be paid by you.


Statement takes no liability for the transfer of travel between the sellers and the buyers. We are a classified listing site which allows people to offer their unwanted travel plans for sale. Make sure you do your own research and checks before exchanging any money.

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