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Do you have travel plans you can no longer use?

Did you know you can transfer the name of the booking to someone else?

3 Easy Steps To Selling
1. Register

The first step is to register and sign-in. You can then create your profile, adding details and linking your social profile with your account to build trust with potential buyers.

2. List

Add the title and description to your listing. Add supporting details of your booking such as date and location. Select preferred method of payment and indicate if a name change fee is included or not.

3. Publish

Submit your post and share your listing to your social profiles. Communicate with potential buyers and then transfer your booking to the buyer.

3 Easy Steps To Buying
1. Search & Browse

Search travel by location and date of departure to find listings you are interested in. Save them to your wishlist if you want to come back to them later!

2. Contact

Register and sign-in to contact sellers. Communicate with the seller and let them know you are interested within our messaging system or make an offer!

3. Travel

Send payment safely and securely to seller. Receive booking information from the seller and have an amazing trip!