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WORKS brings people selling their unwanted travel plans together with people looking for incredible last minute deals, reinventing the last minute travel market and providing a solution for pre-booked travel plans that can no longer be used.


The first step is to register and sign-in. You can then create your profile, adding details and linking your social profile with your account to build trust with potential buyers.


Add the title and description to your listing. Add supporting details of your booking such as date and location. Select preferred method of payment and indicate if a name change fee is included or not.


Our Dedicated team of staff will market and help you sell your Travel Booking to our thousands of registered users. Only upon a succesful sale and transfer of your travel documents we will charge you a 15% fee.


Search & Browse

Search travel by location and date of departure to find listings you are interested in. Save them to your wish list if you want to come back to them.


Register and sign-in to contact sellers. Communicate with the seller and let them know you are interested within our messaging our make an offer!


Send payment securely and receive booking information for the seller and have an amazing trip!

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Buyers Guarantee

At we have both the buyer’s, and seller’s, best interest at heart. We hold all payments for Flights, Cruises, Holidays, Hotels, Villas and Airbnbs until 24 hours after the specified departure / check-in date. For all other categories, we hold funds until 7 days after the purchase. The seller has up to 72 hours to transfer the travel document to the buyer’s name, send it over and finalise the sale. The buyer has up to 7 days from the date of sale to confirm receipt. Working this way allows the seller to get some money back from their otherwise nonrefundable holiday, and the buyers to go on those amazing, last-minute trips.

Sellers Guarantee

No Sale No Fee! Here at we will only Charge a 15% fee on every completed sale, if you dont manage to sell your travel booking, there will be no charge.


Transfer Guarantee

We've Got Your Back

Secure Payment

We use PayPal, the international and trusted digital payment. PayPal has global payment protection to further secure your purchases.

72 Hour Transfer Guarantee

As part of our transfer process, we give the seller 72 hours to transfer the travel documents and names changes to the buyer. If the buyer doesn't get exactly what they need a full refund is provided.

We Hold Your Money

A seller's money is held by TransferTravel until the date of travel. Once the travel is confirmed as received and the pay date passes, the money is released to the seller.