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We hold payments until the seller has transferred all details and the buyer is satisfied

Have both the buyers and sellers best interest at heart

How To Sell Your

Unwanted FLIGHT Booking


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Create a new listing and add all the details of your travel plans including any name change fees


A new message is created when your listing has sold, horray! Request all details needed from the buyer for a successful transfer


Make name changes on all travel documents and upload them for the buyer within 72 hours


Once the buyer is happy with the transfer it’s complete.

Receive Funds

The seller receives their funds once the buyer has taken their travel


Transfer Guarantee

Secure Payment

We use PayPal, the international and trusted digital payment. PayPal has global payment protection to further keep your purchases secure.

72 Hour Transfer Guarantee

As part of the transfer process, we give the seller 72 hours to transfer their sold travel documents and names changes to the buyer. If the buyer doesn't get exactly what they need a full refund is provided.

We Hold Your Money

A seller's money is held by us until the date of travel and once the travel is used the money is released out to the seller.