The Good Karma Of Second Hand Tickets

Cheap, low-cost, discounted… These are some of the most popular prefixes to our Google searches for flights, hotels and vacations. As a society, we love feeling like we beat the system and got our travel plans for less than everyone else. (We’re totally on board with that - amazingly discounted vacations on always make us feel a bit smug!)

We discussed in our last blog post how much a cheap flight really costs – and concluded that sometimes it’s not worth going for the cheapest deal if it means sacrificing things like trusting that your flight will take off (and that you’ll be told if it’s not). That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t feel good if you got a discount on your vacation, but sometimes the lowest price isn’t the best value.

Thing is, we’re always going on about our great deals and discounts, and there’s a clear reason why. A lot of our listings offer huge price drops, sometimes up to 70%, which we want to champion. But TransferTravel doesn’t exist just to give you cheap vacations.

Our sellers are real people from all over the world who have found themselves in an unfortunate situation. Think of any reason why you have to cancel a vacation. Work called and told you that you had to put in some overtime. Your partner broke their arm and won’t be able to travel. You had a break-up and don’t really fancy going on that romantic getaway alone. We’ve heard every story under the sun by now so we know just how easy it is for travel plans to change. What really puts salt on the wound is that most vacations are non-refundable so not only do you have to work overtime, brush your teeth for your partner whilst they’re in a sling, or stealthily avoid bumping into your ex, but you also end up losing out on all the money you spent on your vacation.

When you buy from, you’re not buying from a travel agent or big company. You’re buying from someone just like you who’s in a tough situation. You can directly impact someone’s life and make a negative circumstance a little bit less bitter.


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On top of that, the wider impact you have by choosing a holiday that’s pre-booked over a new booking is bigger than you think. For instance, let’s say a family of four has cancelled their week-long vacation from London to Mallorca because a grandparent has fallen ill and they need to take care of them. If they just inform the airline and hotel that they won’t be using their booking and accept that their money is lost, then there is nothing to stop the airline filling those four seats and the hotel from re-selling their booking, which means they make twice the profit. In fact, a lot of tickets are sold at cheaper early bird prices because the further away the departure date, the We don’t think it’s fair that they can potentially profit off someone’s misfortune.

Furthermore, if that family of four are no longer going on vacation, they have an indirect impact on the economy in Mallorca. How can four people affect the income of a whole island? Well, when they’re there, they’ll be spending money in restaurants, supermarkets, shops, taxis, the airport, and at museums and other sight-seeing spots. A week’s worth of breakfasts, lunches and dinners for four can rack up a bill of around £150 a day, which is a lot for local restaurants and cafes, and the staff who work for them. Tourists are often the main source of income for these smaller businesses so if they have a bad week, this can have bigger consequences for them than you would think. A bad peak season might mean that they have to reduce their staff numbers, leaving people without a source of income.

This sounds dramatic, yes. One family isn’t going to ruin the lives of people in a different country. However, one in four people say they have had to cancel a vacation due to a change in circumstances. A 25% loss is huge for locals who rely on a big influx of people to their towns for their main profits. If you appreciate stats and figures like us (we love a good chart), then you might be interested to know that 1 in 10 jobs are supported by the tourism industry – that’s 313 million jobs! Also, the industry creates opportunities for women, as it employs a higher percentage of female workers than the financial sector. It improves the general unemployment rate too in regions with high tourist activity.

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This loss won’t happen if the cancelled hotel rooms are filled. If they aren’t, then there are empty beds which also means there are empty tables, empty taxis and empty museums.

Buying a vacation from someone else who can’t use it means you’re participating in a circular economy. What this means is that when you use, you are filling spaces on planes and in hotels that already exist as a result of the original booking. Buying unused hotel rooms and second-hand flight tickets means you’re not paying for a brand new booking and putting money back into the airlines’ and hotel chains’ pockets. And, of course, you are helping out someone who could have wasted hundreds, if not thousands, on those vacation plans.

By choosing to buy your next flight or hotel through, you are putting your money where your mouth is; you’re supporting local businesses, you’re showing big corporations you don’t want to line their pockets with others’ misfortune, and you’re making one person’s day by making sure they see their money again. And if you believe in karma, then when you're in the same situation, you know that someone else will want to help you out. 

#ContinueTheKarma and buy second-hand tickets. 


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Posted 30 October 2018

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