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transfertravel.com have teamed up with Flight-Delayed.co.uk to inform you of all the rights that come with your flight booking.

Whether you can no longer commit to travel plans or if you are delayed, we have your back.

Let’s come together and put a stop to the billion pound problem of wasted travel & flight delays!

When booking a holiday we don’t anticipate a flight delay or ever looking to cancel the trip. Most of us aim to get the best deals and skim briefly over the T&C’s, before eagerly purchasing the plans we then countdown to.

When life happens, we all know that there are unfortunate circumstances that we can never predict and our plans can sometimes be disrupted by a delay or unexpected cancellation.

Only then do the questions arise;

Can I change the details on my flight ticket to another passenger?

Can I transfer my travel bookings?

Can I make a claim on a flight delay?

Most airlines allow you to change the name on your bookings for a fee of approx £40/£50 (on average) and even more hotel companies allow you to transfer for free! This is great for people wanting to book their travel at a discounted price plus helps the person who is selling the Travel!

transfertravel.com provides you with the opportunity to list your unwanted flight tickets for free to a marketplace of buyers looking to purchase last minute deals.

The peer to peer platform, allows users to sign in through social sites such as Facebook which instantly verifies profiles and puts a face to a name. The instant messaging tool allows buyers and sellers to connect and communicate, building a community of trustworthy people that can help others put a use to unwanted plans and turn these cancellations in opportunities for those looking to buy.

By transferring names on bookings, we aren’t taking away any business from these travel companies, instead we are actually confirming that we want to use their service and essentially refer our family/friends to our preferred travel providers. Maintaining customer loyalty and promoting their business to others.

For anyone who is now unable to commit to their bookings, there will be a person eager to purchase a last minute deal.

Remember you have your rights as a customer, you can check with your provider to see what you are liable for when you cannot commit to your travel plans. You also have the option to see what you can claim on when experiencing a flight delay, through a flight claim company such as Flight-Delayed.co.uk

Flight-Delayed.co.uk are there to assist you with any delays that come your way whilst travelling. A delay can cause so much disruption, whether it be regarding holiday plans, business meetings, family occasions etc. The company are striving to improve the knowledge of all those that have experienced a delay with an airline, taking the matter out of the passengers hands and cutting out time spent going through the claim - they can do it all for you!

What you are covered for…

In line with EU regulation, passengers are entitled to financial compensation under the following circumstances:

  • A flight delayed by three or more hours

  • A cancelled flight

  • Denied boarding (e.g an overbooked flight)

The compensation amount is based on the flight distance and is structured as follows:

Flight Distance/ Amount

Up to 1500 km€ 250 ? £192

Between 1500 km and 3500 km€ 400 ? £307

More than 3500 km€ 600 ? £460

*Exchange rate might vary

Covered are flights departing from an EU airport, or flights from a third country arriving at an EU airport with a European carrier. Currently, UK claims can be submitted up to six years after the flight date. This is 4 years longer than the EU average.

In addition to compensation, airlines are obligated by a duty of care. This includes: Refreshments, phone calls, transportation and even overnight accommodation in the case of delayed/cancelled flights.

How much can be claimed?

Over the past year, more than 34,000 passengers filed a claim for compensation with Flight-Delayed.co.uk, an online service that helps passengers claim compensation for delayed,cancelled or overbooked flights under Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 .

On average each passenger received € 440 (£337), resulting in a total amount of nearly € 15 million (£11.5 million) that the company was able to claim for its passengers in 2015.

For every negative circumstance can always be looked at with a positive outlook and we can receive money back on unfortunate circumstances that come our way with our flight tickets, whether it be a delay, or that we can no longer commit to the travel plans booked.


Jenna Heidstrom (Brand Manager, transfertravel.com)

Peter Sharples (Marketing & Communications, Flight-Delayed.co.uk)



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Posted 16 November 2016

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